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Network Infrastructure, Servers, VoIP phone systems, Video Surveillance, Mobile Devices, Whole house and office music systems, business process consulting and the list goes on. We focus on using technology as a competitive advantage for your business.


Every “pack member” at Helix is cross trained in everything we do, this means quicker resolution to issues and seamless support across all of your technology needs. We are always looking forward, making sure that your profitability is never compromised by your technology.


Guardian -

Peace of Mind 

A stable network should be expected from your IT company, not celebrated.


Our Guardian customers believe that technology is a competitive advantage and that peace of mind is priceless. Being profitable isn't just about sales, it's about productivity and culture. Guardian ensures that business continuity flows through your entire company. From end user to network infrastructure. This ensures maximum productivity and solid employee moral. All that being said,  what really separates Guardian from any other managed service is “The Pack”, a fiercely dedicated team that works WITH our customers to ensure their success.

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A boutique pack of technology gurus and seasoned problem solvers who work harder than ever so our clients don’t have to. We will not compromise until a streamlined workflow and the most efficient products are in-place for your business.


Depending on the project and intellectual field, each member of the pack completes their tasks and advises our clients each day. However, providing client support is just the tip of the iceberg. Our overall goal is to build a professional, interpersonal, and well established business relationship with each of our clients so your business is ours and we can increase your revenue by decreasing your problems.

Yes, Helix can be “used” as a vendor for VoIP telephone systems and merged technology. We could also setup Guardian and install Virtualization or even be your  Virtual CTO. These services could be a large part of why you are reading this.


What Is Helix?



Marianne Fowler


“Helix has been an integral part of the Rogue family for over 15 years.Our systems are complex, leading edge and bullet proof due to the expertise and innovative ideas of the Helix team.”

Grant Bryant


“As one of Gary’s first clients, I have seen Helix grow with hard work and honesty. And because of their growth,  Helix has been an integral part of our growth… we couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and forward thinking from the pack at Helix! “

Bob Knutsen


“Gary and Tim have reworked our two locations during the last 5 years that they have been our geeks.  They took us from driving a Hyundai to a Corvette and our down time has virtually disappeared.  The productivity and additional revenue has far surpassed our investment.   Just be prepared when you hire them, because they work HARD but play HARDER!  Helix Rocks!”

Debbie Martin


“Helix and their technicians are a very knowledgeable and trustworthy team of professionals. Their system of handling our service needs have been outstanding. Bringing new technology as it becomes available to our attention has provided us with efficient, sound and secure connectivity both at our home office and multiple remote locations. I would recommend Helix to any company of any size.”


Tina Fesler


Support is always there when you need them, and working behind the scene, even when you think you don’t. I trust their knowledge and expertise, and delivery is like none other. Their passion is obvious, and inspiring.  They always me feel like family, like one of their ‘pack’.”

Jody Cole


“You allow me to participate and treat me like i am on your team. I know my system isn’t EXACLY like you want it, but you still care and are always there for me.”

Darcey Self-Mann


“I am really glad that you are all a lot younger than me, That way I never have to know what it’s like to live without you.”

Todd Carpenter


"I’ve used Helix for over 10 years now.  I first contacted them while doing a phone comparison with various companies.  Gary walked in for a meeting, set up an Ethernet based phone and switch in our conference room.  Did his demo, dialed out over our network and said “take it for a test drive, I’ll leave it here”  After many weeks of comparisons, quotes, reference checks, and discussions, we decided to use Helix and never looked back. I’ve always been happy with Gary and his “Pack” they stay ahead of the curve and I would recommend using them for all your I.T. needs.”

Rob Patridge


“The most important thing Helix provides is not only innovative solutions before the sale but their ongoing customer service is unsurpassed.   You don t have down time with computer or phone systems installed by Helix.   They put in a system that will work for the longterm and it does.   As your business grows Helix will grow with you and unlike most companies, Helix seek to be a partner to improve your business.You can’t go wrong with the Pack at Helix and their Shoretel installation and support.”

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Never continue to pay us labor for something we can fix with hardware. Of course the labor is good for us… but bad for you


Our job is to make sure that you are operational, so you can make money. Sometimes that means we may hurt your feelings.


Quality of life is much more important than money. Love what you do


You get what you pay for, so never forget that reliability is worth every penny


What we do is not an exact science, so we may not know exactly why something happened


You are NOT bothering us, It is our job to fix your computer even if you are infected AGAIN


No matter what our condition from the night before we will be there for you


Clients with boats shall henceforth be referred to as preferred customers


Odds are that we are going to mess with you, so don’t be surprised if we do. Humor helps keep us sane.


You can’t work for Helix if you believe in a 40 hour work week. Our “normal” business hours are 8 to 6, and after 6 is when we really get shit done


Jägermeister is a tonic with medicinal properties. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently


When watching our competitors follow in our footsteps. Never get angry, just remember…key word “follow”. We will always lead.


We despise modems and faxes. They rank up there with poison oak, sunburns and really bad hangovers!


We’re not sorry that we didn’t tell you want you wanted to hear



Emails that are ALL CAPS will be considered BLANK. Don't expect a response


If you are sitting around wondering why you pay us every month, when you never need us... well that means we are doing our job!



James Andersen

The Angler

The most detail oriented member of the pack. And if you are nice, he may bring you some fresh fish straight from the Rogue River. 

Tyler Freeman

Ty Says

Phenom of sorts, he asks for the impossible to prove his point. Also the purveyor of Pack Rule #7.



Camron Hansen

The Mechanic

You can ask him to fix your truck or motor home too! 


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Gary Walters

Leader of the Pack

The Leader of the pack. Responsible for Helix’s culture and it’s knack for staying ahead of the curve. Beware the Wookie.

Vanessa Stoute

Den Keeper

The glue that holds this puzzle together, she wins the award for most hats worn in a day!



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